213 Area Code Calls from American Idol's Songwriting Competition Judges?

UPDATE - APRIL 27: Big, huge, fun American Idol liveblog + discussion happening on our new discussion boards.

It's a really fun week here at spinme.com, because a lot of our clients and readers are waiting anxiously to hear whether they have been chosen as one of the Top 20 finalists in the American Idol Songwriter competition.

In the previous discussion thread, at least one of our readers received a mysterious call from a number in the 213 area code. Whether that's a real call from the American Idol songwriting contest team or just an errant telemarketing ping, it's got us all on pins and needles.

I'm not normally one to hold my breath and wait for the lottery balls to pop up. As I wrote in all of my books about the music business, you're going to go farther by building a direct relationship with your audience than by holding out to "be discovered." However, this is a very rare occasion -- a very public songwriting competition whose outcome really will change the lives of twenty talented winners.

Even for the songwriters who won't be featured in the top twenty, the American Idol Songwriter project has encouraged a lot of folks to share or create material that wouldn't otherwise see the light of day.

In the past few threads, songwriters have been sharing links to their songs and/or personal websites. A few folks have asked how they can share songs if they don't have a personal website (yet). Feel free to use a large file transfer service like DropSend or YouSendIt to get those songs to us at tips [at] spinme.com, and we'll host the files here for you.

Good luck, as always!

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