And now, some discussion for the gearheads among us...

Ever since I wrote Grow Your Band's Audience, I've offered readers "members-only" access to a special part of our website that offers downloads and discussions related to each book in the series. I'm using Moodle software right now, which is easy to administer but, I fear, is really confusing to folks. So I am thinking of moving to some other platform, and those of you who spend lots of time on these here internets should give me some guidance about moving forward:

  • I might create a memberBlog for each book, which allows me to push updates and revisions more easily but could stifle conversation if folks can't post their own topics.

  • I might create a memberWiki for each book, which would not only allow me to make the text of the books searchable by members but would also allow folks to comment on specific chapters. (That, to me, sounds fun.)

  • I might just go back to the old way where folks get a static page with bonus downloads.

With the design/edit process for the new book in full swing, I'd love your thoughts. If I built a Wiki around "More Gigs Now," would you guys play? Or am I just in gearhead deck-chair-shuffling mode?

Your thoughts, please? (Scott -- I know I can count on you!!)