Be the Change You Want to See in the Music Industry

Bob Baker's saying it better than I can, but I'll elaborate.

If you're sitting around, pissing and moaning about your scene or the business or the A&R guys that don't get it, you're never going to succeed as a working musician.

Musicians that thrive in this business focus on four things:

  • writing music

  • performing music

  • building audience

  • staying healthy

If there's anything on that list you're not good at -- get help. Attend a writers' retreat and get good at songwriting. Rehearse or jam with another musician five or six days a week. Look at your zone map and work on your mailing list with your street team captain at least every other day. Work out with a trainer or with a gym buddy.

It takes the same amount of energy to complain about something as it does to make a change.

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