CDBaby Digital Deal Still Safe

Lots of buzz today around the digital distribution deal. If you hadn't heard, Derek and his team are extending a program to their clients that takes the hassle out of getting your songs listed on iTunes, eMusic and other pay-for-download services.

Music industry watchdog Moses Avalon issued a warning for musicians, citing research that indicated (to him) that CDBaby's licensing deal gave the company far broader rights to an artist's music than intended. Though the emphasis in the article was on some sloppy legalese in the contract, Moses certainly set off some alarm bells.

Having checked into this myself (after all, I have been recommending this service to our clients!), I'm comfortable with the language in the agreement that gives either party the right to termination on thirty days' notice. Derek Sivers, CDBaby's CEO, dropped in on the Velvet Rope discussion board to add more assurance.

Moses Avalon serves an essential role in our industry, to deflate the scams that are running too rampant these days. Meanwhile, Derek has run his business in such a populist manner that it often seems too good to be true, making it an easy target. Though I applaud Moses' diligence, I'm convinced there's nothing to worry about here. I hope they can resolve this -- not having Moses and Derek on the same team would hurt us all.