Sell the first thirty tickets to your next gig.

It's a big day here at, since we're launching the first of our new series of courses for working musicians and other creative professionals.

Even after writing a bunch of music marketing books, I still end up in conversations with artists who tell me they're struggling to figure out how to sell tickets to their shows. Even though we've got social media, YouTube, and dozens of automated tools to help us connect with audiences, selling tickets to gigs is still the most-watched signifier of whether an artist has the ability to succeed with a full-time career in music.

First Thirty Tickets is a 30-day challenge designed to help you take one step every day toward selling more tickets to your shows. If you've booked your first-ever gig for six weeks from now, it's perfect timing for you. But even if you've done more than a handful of live sets, I think you'll find it's a great way to bring new ideas to your promotional process.

First Thirty Tickets is live today, it's completely free, and it includes some of my favorite exercises from my artist development books in video format.

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