July 8: spinme.com Goes "On The Record" with Carlo Oddo

Thanks to everyone from our newsletter subscriber list who gave us feedback about the projects we should be working on in the second half of the year. Loud and clear, we heard that you want more opportunities to connect with interesting folks on our conference calls.

Therefore, I'm launching a new series -- it will probably be monthly, but maybe more often depending on my schedule and our guests. For lack of a better title, we'll call it "spinme.com on the record."

Our first guest is what any talk show booker would call a "great get."

He's controversial, and he's someone that many of you would love to get on the phone...

His name is Carlo Oddo, and he's the owner of a company called Talent2K. He and I have very different ideas about what it takes for an emerging musician to make it in the music industry. VERY different. But, more importantly, he has a lot that he wants to put on the record about accusations made against himself and his company.

A few days ago, I invited Carlo to respond to the comments that you've been posting to the site about his company and his business practices. I'm delighted to say that he's accepted our invitation.

At 4pm Eastern, on Thursday, July 8th, we'll open up our 100-seat conference call bridge. I'll spend about 25 minutes interviewing Carlo about Talent2K's mission, his track record, his brush with some overzealous subcontractors, and what he's going to do about the not so great attention he's received. Then, it's your turn. We'll open the phones and give you a chance to ask Carlo your own questions.

Click here to register for our live conference call with Carlo Oddo now, before all 99 seats are snapped up. (It's free!)

If you're not able to make it on the live call, don't worry. We'll post an UNEDITED audio feed right on the front page of spinme.com within about 30 minutes of the call's conclusion.

Join us. Listen. Ask solid questions and be ready to participate in a really compelling hour.