Management Red Flags

So this case has to do with a radio personality and not a musician, but the lesson's the same (as I have written before)...

When you're building your success team:

  • Your manager and your attorney should always be two different people.

  • Your agent and your manager should always be two different people.

  • You, your manager, and your agent should all have different attorneys.

  • All of the attorneys should work at different law firms.

Yes, that sounds like a lot of people. But when your manager, your agent, and your attorney have common business ties, or (in this case) they're related and working at the same law firm, it becomes very, very, very easy for you to be ripped off.

Splitting up your success team like this affords you the best ideas from a large group of talented people, and gives you the security that if any one member of your team tries to bilk you like this, other members of your team can call the action to your attention before you end up in court. Or bankrupt. Or, in this case, in a strange form of industrial servitude.

[ via Fark ]