Mask your MySpace URL

Personal rant:

Yes, MySpace is a pretty efficient way to quickly build a web presence. Many talent buyers still have a problem with the way that bands over-rely on it for draw, but if you don't have a web guru on your team yet, it's a simple way to get online fast.

However, if you're only giving out your address, you're risking a lot. For example:

* What happens if the bandmate who starts the MySpace account leaves/gets kicked out? One of my clients is going nuts trying to get this account back, especially since the ex-bandmate is now using the "friends" to slag off the old band and get folks to come out to see the new one.

* What happens if something ever happens to MySpace? Folks may laugh, but there was a time when lots of us thought and IUMA would be eternal.

If you haven't got time to do more than maintain your MySpace account, take these action steps.

1. Register a domain for under $8 at KRDomains.

2. Use their Domain Redirect tool (it's included in your $8 fee) to point the domain at your MySpace URL.

When you're through, you'll be able to give out your own personalized domain name, and even print it on CDs and merch without fear that it will someday be extinct.