More Discussion about Film & TV Licensing

Alexandra Patsavas, probably the most influential music supervisor working today, took some time to answer questions at the Billboard/Hollywood Reporter Film & TV Music Conference, along with estate manager Jeffrey Jampol.

It's interesting to see how that discussion played out. Jampol, whose job is to protect the heritage of his legacy rock estates, cautioned acts against licensing just for a paycheck. Fans might think you're cheapening your music if you accept the wrong deal.

Patsavas countered, as I would have, that today's generation of music fans is a little different. After all, Of Montreal has an Outback Steakhouse ad, and they're doing fine.

With anything you do, it's important to maintain integrity and credibility. It's also important to remember that reality shows and other entertainment programming (like the series that license from Pump Audio) have a tendency to come and go, while beloved albums hang around for decades. Nobody's going to remember if your song was in "The Biggest Loser," but the check you earned from that placement might have been the cash you needed to convince yourself to keep writing music.

(Remember, David Hooper is still enrolling folks into his new, hybrid tip-sheet/licensing course.)