More questions answered about the American Idol Songwriting Contest

UPDATE - APRIL 27: Big, huge, fun American Idol liveblog + discussion happening on our new discussion boards.

Half of the songwriters I know are busy filing their taxes. The other half are working hard to get their entries into the American Idol Songwriter competition. The deadline for both is the same: tomorrow.

We've had a really vibrant discussion going on in my previous post about the American Idol contest. If you haven't had a chance to poke through the comments, here are some more key points.

First, Jesse from 19 Entertainment, who has worked very hard to answer questions from our readers (and from other entrants) made a great summary of the most asked questions about the contest:

1. You may enter as often as you like. There is a $10 entry fee per song.

2. Songs will NOT be re-recorded prior to posting the final 20 for public voting. We will take the source files (aiff, wav, etc) where available and perhaps clean it up and check for volume parity but that’s about it.

3. The upload process is working. In the last 9 hours alone we’ve received well over 500 songs and that’s simply a random sampling.

4. Every song is reviewed by an A&R staff member. There is no advantage whatsoever to submitting one song multiple times.

5. You must include both music and lyrics to participate. You do not need a full band or professional recording studio. A&R staff can recognize a good song. That being said… is there an advantage in the public voting phase to having a professional mix or accomplished musicians accompany you or perform your work? Perhaps.

6. Your song entry must not be encumbered of a publishing deal in order for you to participate in the contest as the contest winner will receive an exclusive publishing deal for the winning song.

7. All writers must be noted and able to legally participate according to the rules. You are legally attesting to such upon entering. Do not misrepresent yourself as you will be disqualified.

8. Voting closes at 11:59 pm pacific time on April 17th, 2007.

9. Online voting begins May 2nd.

A few other technical notes:

  • Folks on Macs seem to have trouble making entries with the Safari web browser. If that's the case for you, download Firefox and give it a whirl. That seems to do the trick for most folks.

  • Make sure you're uploading your song on a broadband connection. Most folks trying to use dial-up to upload a 3MB song are getting timed out. If you have to drop your songs to a flash drive or a CDR and upload them from Kinko's so be it.

  • The songs will not be re-recorded for the contest, so submit your very best recording. You may want to recruit some friends to help you with this. Even though it's a songwriting competition, online voters will definitely be swayed by good production.

Good luck!

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