Nashville: Fox's Other Music Business Television Series

While a whole lot of hype is building around The Search for the Next Great American Band, a report from the Fox upfront casts some light on another project that will be interesting to musicians. Nashville is from the same production team as MTV's Laguna Beach, and it's going to follow some young musicians through Music City. Power players Monty Powell, Jim Cantino, and Anastasia Brown are "attached" to the show, though we don't yet know if they're acting as mentors or as foils to the subjects.

Aside #1: I also don't know whether to refer to the musicians in Fox's Nashville as "documentary subjects" or as a "cast." After all, many reality shows cross the line from documentary when they start to manipulate their subjects' lives. Undoubtedly, the musicians featured in Nashville will have been selected by casting directors. So, unless I hear otherwise, I'll call them the "cast."

Aside #2: also at the upfronts, Fox's president noted: "I guess we should have a show called 'The Search for Shorter Title for The Search for the Next Great American Band." Heh.

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