Nick Lea sings "Several Thousand" by Jim Boggia on "Men in Trees"

Just one of those neat things... You know how when you hear a song you love so often that it just resonates with you, and it doesn't surprise you when it pops up other places?

I'm working on an article in the office, and I can hear Lori watching Men in Trees from the living room. Nicholas Lea (who I used to watch all the time on The X-Files) has a band on the show. And he starts singing this excellent song, "Several Thousand," written by Philadelphia singer-songwriter Jim Boggia.

Back when I worked at XPN, Jim was one of Philly's best kept secrets. His album, Fidelity Is the Enemy, took up permanent residence in Lori's car CD changer. And though it's been a while since I've listened to his stuff, hearing it drift down the hall makes me so excited that folks across the country are getting to hear it for the first time.

Jim explains how the track ended up on the show at his site. (No permalink, so scroll down to 4/2/08.)

Go here to buy the original from iTunes. (Jim's own online store seems to be down, hopefully from the crush of traffic to his site.)