Rob Thomas: My Secret Record

The old adage in the music business is that it takes about ten years to find overnight success.

While other Billboard chart toppers stumble over themselves to sign up for reality shows, Rob Thomas brought documentary director Gillian Grisman along for the ride during the making of his solo CD, Something to Be. Many of the reviews I've read of the film mark surprise at how sophisticated, friendly, and smart Rob is. That's no surprise to me and the other folks who met him when he was working so hard to make Matchbox 20 a success.

Although I spend a lot of my time writing about artists who are trying to get from Point A to Point B, I think it would be interesting to glimpse an already successful artist trying to reinvent himself and stay relevant in a business that's constantly asking, "what's next?"

The film screened last night in Nashville, and is on the film festival circuit. I'd love to hear reactions from anyone who's seen the film -- check the comments form and tell us what you thought!

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