Talent 2K: Back In Action?

Carlo Oddo protests his company's poor reputation in a post to MI2N this morning (which is odd, since Carlo is writing a letter and MI2N is a press release wire). I can buy the idea that an overzealous salesperson overcommitted to prospects when putting this recent tour together. Same thing has happened to me, and it sucks. But what Carlo MUST do right now is point to some very specific bands who are willing to stand up and say "I got here EXCLUSIVELY because of the work I did with Talent 2K." If Carlo can't do that, he can't hope to win back the trust of working musicians, most of whom right now would be plenty happy to see him dragged past a PETA/Greenpeace convention, chained to the bumper of an SUV with a banner reading "I kill innocent bunnies." For lack of a better image.