The Roll Call

I'm a little run down today, so I thought we'd have some fun.

Before the site redesign, we used to have a little "bandroll" on the sidebar with links to bands that were readers or clients of ours. As grew, keeping the list got a little too time consuming, so I had to let it drop.

So, today, it's time to put your own little plug for yourself or your band right here on the site. Use the comments link to tell us who you are, what you play, and where folks can find your stuff!

It's the easiest free publicity you'll get this month. :)

P.S.: I know about 2,000 of you look at this site every day, so don't be shy, y'all.

UPDATE (6/10): Thanks for all the great posts so far. Remember that this Roll Call is for bands/musicians only. If you want to plug something else (directories, podcasts), hang tight for future Roll Call posts.