Unto Them Was Born A Street Team

David Hooper, co-author of "How I Make $100K a Year...", made an excellent point in his newsletter today, that you could look at the Twelve Disciples as the Original Street Team. In case you missed it:

while I'm on the subject...how about Jesus? If you had paid a little more attention in church, you'd know something about viral marketing.

This guy had something interesting...a philosophy. He took it to one person at a time and developed the first street team, which you may know as "the Disciples."

This promotion worked so well for him and he got so popular that some people got jealous and really pissed off. They were jealous. Today, we know these folks as "haters."

Now, there may be some other things involved (like the Almighty) which helped this thing spread like it has... Who knows? Just wanted to plant the seed and say, "Work the street team and don't let the haters get you down."

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