Want to impress A & R instead of annoying them?

Music Connection compiled a list of do’s and don’t from discussions with A & R from numerous labels. 1. Wild Pitches�??DO NOT pitch your music to every A & R in the universe. 2. Hound Dogging�??DO NOT hound them with a barrage of calls, emails, & packages. DO NOT stalk them & DO NOT be a pest. 3. Giving Bad Phone�??DO NOT send anything without calling first. Establish warm relationships with the mid-level people in the business. 4. Fat & Boring Promo Kits�??DO NOT send reams of press clippings. Remember KISS, keep it simple, stupid. REMEMBER, it’s about the music! Send a CD, photo, & a one-sheet brief bio with media quotes, accomplishments, & itinerary. 5. Omitting Contact Info�??REMEMBER to put your contact info on everything in your promo kit. Contact info should include website, phone number, and email address. 6. Bad Wrap�??DO NOT wrap your package so tightly that it would take a blow torch to open it. REMOVE the shrink wrap from your CD. NEVER send food! List the songs on your CD, CD insert, & sleeve. 7. Disorganized Demos�??DO NOT send a 10-song demo. DO NOT ask the A & R to listen to songs 3, 6, & 7. A & R listens to the first song and the second song if they like what they hear. PUT your best song first! 8. Crappy Photos�??DO NOT send blurry, low-grade photos. Your image must be consistent, strong, & effective. 9. Ragged Showcases�??DO NOT showcase before you’re ready. A poor live performance could cool down industry interest�??no matter how much they like your music. 10. The Desperate & The Needy�??DO NOT EXPECT A LABEL TO SAVE YOU, MAKE YOU, OR BREAK YOU. A & R are impressed by artists who make it on their own. Create a buzz & you’ll get industry attention.

To read the full article, pick up a copy of Music Connection, Vol. XXVII, No. 13.