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What I Did On My Christmas Vacation...

Upcoming Conference Call: Open Phones

Upcoming Conference Call: Alternative Sales Channels

The Long Tail

Someone's gonna find a fan club president under the bumper of an SUV...

Blanks and Postage

Even Orrin Hatch Gets Mailbox Money

Upcoming Conference Call: Direct Mail

Three more chances to work with me on your career in 2005...

Providence, RI singer songwriters wanted...

The Ramones Signature iPod

Don't Clear The Room!

Upcoming Conference Call: Mailbox Money

No automatic sound, please...

"The public has been street teamed to death."

Who's Helping You Reach Your Goals

Are You Ready For The Unexpected?

We really are locking the doors over at

How They Did It: Scissor Sisters

Open House Conference Call: Join Me Tomorrow!

Gig Swap Friday! Open Phones Q&A

Let's Work On Your Success This Month

Exposure = Discovery = Sales

Upcoming Conference Call: Get More Gigs

My Backend is on Fire!

Pew Round II

Media Obesity vs. Songwriting

Stupid Things Bands Do + Set Up Your Own Event

Avoid These Band Website Design Mistakes

P2P at Pew

The Magic People and The Pretty Good Problem

Making Ends Meet

CD Baby's Partnership with Mperia Provides New Networking and Distribution Channels

Back on the Grid on Thursday updated Terms of Service

Gatecrashing Google

Copyright Bill Backs Down

Music Management For The Rest Of Us Conference Call

Is it still a street date if nothing actually hits the street?

MSN Music + GarageBand

We are GO for Podcast!

More P2P from an artist's perspective...

Multiple Streams of Music Income

The next GBV is out there, somewhere...

12 Tips for Pitching Your Act to Investors & Sponsors

"He Shared Songs? Throw the iPod at Him!"

"I don't believe every download is a lost sale." - Jeff Tweedy

Artists still out of the P2P loop...

Granian and the Grey Lady

The line starts here.

We are STILL running out of band names...

MTV is so over Europe

The Persuaders

Jumping Sharks

"When will the music industry do it right?"

The Pope Would Like You To Share Your Music

The Economist takes a long view...

Get Help With Your Music Business Questions

Ten Million Reasons

Sequencing IS Important...

The ideal weblog post...

November's Teleclass Schedule

John Peel, RIP

Hear Music -- Creeping Across The Country

Spitzer Attacks Payola

Build Your E-zine

This Morning's Obligatory Ashlee Simpson Post

Killer Press Kits

A Virtual Entertainment Law Firm

Aha! Summit IV Nov 7th in Hollywood

Winterfolk III Festival, Toronto Looking for Submissions

Opinions about music under study at Columbia...

Avoid Message Board Abuse

Philly: Make Money Making Music with Help from NARAS

Licensing Music for Podcasting

David's in L.A., and his mailbox is getting full.

Sell More Music... In 7-Eleven?

BYBS: Templates & Weblogs (10/12/04)

$40,000, continued...

"What I've learned about public failures is that nobody gives a damn..."

Sell More Music In Salons

Renting Instead of Ripping

The Rollback Happy Face is about to put the hurt on the major labels.

Topical = Good

Build Your Band's Site

How are listeners using your music?

And I thought 3 was the magic number...


Gig Swaps

New Calendar App

Getting played on internet radio?

Chapel Hill Gig Swaps


CD Sales Alone Won't Crack the Rich List

MP3 Bloggers

Music Business Mastermind

Scott Muni, RIP

Build Your Band's Site is BACK!

Day Job Ejectors, cont'd.

Three kinds of blogs...

Get your Green Envelopes back by Oct. 1!

I keep telling you not to overthink your songwriting...

Philly: Grammy Guitar Workshop

I think I can take the icepack off now...

Bob Baker's New CD

Self-Promotion Seminar on Oct 3rd in LA

Are you based in Chapel Hill NC?

2NMC... The End!

BreastFest 2004 deadline Sept. 24, 2004

Live365 & collaboration

The 10 Commandments of Rehearsing

If you're in LA this weekend and can't make it to Nashville...

Help Us Celebrate Granian's New Album!

A little 2NMC Buzz...

Meet Duke&Dawn

"Get a license or do not sample..."

What's the scarier story?

Asylum Records returns from the grave to incubate hip-hop acts

Audio Moblog

Audio from last night's call...

Learn More About Non-Traditional Touring...

Help Showin' Tell Win an Immie Award

Server Issues...

Want airplay on Sirius Satellite Radio?

Oddessey Group wants to expand their roster, interested?

Chicks Rock

Cell Phone Woes

Want some free studio time?

So you want to be a "star" in Nashville?

Calling All Sacramento Readers...

So are you a "Rockin Mom?"

Songsalive! is accepting showcase submissions

Warner's Wacky Street Team Antics Backfire

How to make your next "showcase" work for you

FAR-WEST announces 1st Annual FAR-WEST Regional Conference

NARIP supporting Billboard's R & B Hip-Hop Conference

Want to impress A & R instead of annoying them?

Covers or Originals?


"New Realities" Webcast, Tonight @ 7pm

Notching Down to 33 1/3 for the next three weeks...

What's a Strategy Session?

TCM Client Heidi Hensley kicks her tour off with a bang, but no knocks or pings.

Music Management For The Rest Of Us 7/23/04

What's Up With Bookings This Summer?

Call Me Today About Music Management!

3rd Annual Acoustic Live Talent Series accepting submissions

Blink-182's Barker launched own label

Call to Arts!

Don't complain to us when the RIAA raids your dorms...

Grants for Emerging Latin Songwriters

The New Business Model

Calling All "Grow Your Band's Audience" Readers

Grow Your Band's Audience Seminar 7/16/04

2005 DIY Music Festival Call For Entries

Seeking Performance Coaches

Philly: Behind The Scenes of Classic Bowie Recording Sessions

Dealing With Rejection By Observing Rejectors

Paging Dr. Maslow

Paying To Play

Want a gig in West LA?

Comments Policy

You Can't Say We Didn't Try!

7/17: Your Music in Movies & TV Workshop

Today's Town Hall Meeting

Showcase of the Era

Workshop on how to make your song sound professional

Filter Magazine, Indie 103.1, & the Key Club of Hollywood wants you

Chicago Internship - Learn The Ropes of Promoting Gigs

10 Fool-proof legal tips for band contracts

Another Indie Rock Doc Needs Your Help

First ever online music education scholarship (that we know of)

July 8: Goes "On The Record" with Carlo Oddo

10 Stupid Email Mistakes for 2004

Want some free downloads, watch Fuse

2 heads are better than one when you co-write... is Live!

Lou, Lou, Lou what’s the problem now?

Bob Baker launches Online Radio Station

Fly Away Records is looking for the next gospel artist

Cirque du Soleil seeking a saxophone/keyboard player

See the new T's!

Tim White Is Spinning In His Grave

Talent 2K: Back In Action?

Songwriting Seminar, Nashville, June 26th

Demise of the CD, again?

Make House Concerts Part of Your Strategy

Grow Your Band's Audience Seminar 6/21/04

Phish + Success = Does Not Compute @ NYT

The Case for File Sharing

Host Your Own Concerts Call 6/18/04

Anyone see my a**?

Willie Nelson and the 4th of July go together like mustard on hot dogs

Shut the door...

First female-owned hip hop label in Cleveland

Save bandwidth on your hosted MP3's

Why Radio Can't/Won't Play Your MP3

Upon the occasion of our 500th post...

Linda Ronstadt's opinion on today's music industry

Goodbye, Ray.

Should you protect your band's name?

Sharonnnnnnnnn! Where's me opening act?

Stainless Steel Ball

The Music Lives on & on & on

Dave Loves Stinky Cheese

Online Rock Festival

Atlanta would like to teach the world to sing..hip hop

Math = Emotion

Bands Without Fans

Host Your Own Concerts

Four Men And A Baby

There's a New Heartbeat on Music Row

We Sue Because We Love.

The Way The Music Died

The Wounded Healer

Indie Music Video Festival Looking for Entries

Marc Gunn is back!

Indie Or Major? Sometimes, It Doesn't Matter.

Capitalize on your <I>Sopranos</I> Placement...

Call Scott Stapp, Tell Him We May Have Another Member for the Support Group...

Should you use cheap CDR's for your music?

Austin All Access

Artists should consider whether a label can do more than they can themselves

Trying to e-mail us?

New to songwriting?

(L)ove (E)gos (A)lternative (R)ock

Independent Music World Series deadline May 20, 2004

Choose to be UNstuck looking for artists

[plug] Chat with Showin' Tell during their radio interview @ 4pm ET

Music Industry "Apprentice" In The Works

220,000 units not good enough for new Warner Group

2NMC Accepting Showcase Submissions

Philadelphia Showcases

Harrisburg Showcases

Did 97 Radio swindle you?

Tile Bathrooms = Happy Listeners

Style Evolution #42

Latin Alternative Music Conference

Luck is simply where preparation and opportunity meet

The Three P's

Build Your Band's Site Seminar Set for June

Subscriber Goodies


Are You A Robot?

The Emperor's New Clothes

Last Minute Boot Camp Stuff

Another Essential Tool: OnlineGigs

Future of Music Summit

Kulak's Woodshed in Trouble

Singer/Songwriter Opportunities

Open House Conference Call on Thursday!

Take a fresh look at the music biz

Best CD's to burn your music

Dallas Talent Search

Smaller labels: more about love than profit.

Pasadena Showcase Opportunity

LA: Open Mics for Songwriters

Open Call: Porterhouse Records

RIAA Releases 2003 Consumer Profile

Really Rocking The Vote

How to get to your final destination

It's fun to play at the YMCA

For streamers: all rights revised

Youth forges the future of Music Row

Got Health Insurance?

Just another mark against people over 40 in the world of rock n’ roll

Image Branding produces a hit

New Orleans: 12th Annual Cutting Edge Music Conference

I just want to bang on the drum all day...

An Insurance Tipping Point

Free Seminar in New Orleans April 28, 2004

Integrating Club Media Lists

Exactly, what goes in the demo submission package?

Glenn Tillbrook (formerly of Squeeze) doc film free preview

That Elusive Work/Life Balance

The Wizard Speaks

Austin, May 8th, Spotlight Series music showcases

Indie Music Needs To Cheer The Hell Up

Cooch Music's Songwriting Contest

Weekly Showcases in LA

Indie Music Store Owner Steps Up Fight Against Chains



First Annual Radio Comedy Competition Announced

Let’s hear some of that old rock n roll!

More About Catalogs

My Bloody Royalty Checks

SoundScan's Valentine

More Places To Sell CDs

Pay Your TCM Invoices Here...

Wrestling with Rejection

Memphis, the Independent Music Capital of the World?

Online Music Shakeout

Tips on how to expand your vocal range

Better Living Through Advertising

LA: The Ultimate Lyric Workshop

Want to know what is a fair deal with a record company?

Have your fingers gone NUM?

Why would anybody buy a record here?

2004 Temecula Fest

NYC: Power 105.1 Presents the One Day Music Summit in New York

I call Bullshiat!

How to Approach a Music Supervisor

Radio = Irrelevant. Labels = Irrelevant.

[plug] Levinhurst in Athens TONIGHT!

SXSW Reports

L*A*M*P Seminar March 30, 2004:Creating Emotional Impact in Your Songs

Warrior Girl Music Seeks Artists

L*A*M*P Seminar March 23rd: The How-To of Song Structure


Live in Los Angeles and want to fine-tune those vocal cords

Breaking Even by Breaking Away

Indie Videos Needed, Earlybird deadline March 30 2004

Little Vixen’s Songwriting Workshop in Nashville

Get The Most From Music Conferences

All About Music, TV, & Film Retreat 2004

Songwriter Ervin Drake To Appear In Nashville, TN April 2nd And 3rd For Songwriters Guild Of America Events

Blue Sky and the Philadelphia Songwriters Project calls for "road songs"

How to get the best deal on equipment

Want to volunteer to help "clean up" the music biz?

Careful who you sample!

Online music downloads & the murky copyright issues in Canada

[plug] Levinhurst in L.A. Tonight

Are you too old for the music business?

Global Entertainment and Media Summit

IMusicology Online Co-Sponsors The '04 Unsigned Artist Showcase II

LA: Want to perfect your songwriting skills?

When Is It Right To Record?

Singer/Songwriter Boot Camp

Over 80% of music fans have no clue when their favorite act releases an album.

John Butler's New Album Drops Today

Changing Roles

Grand Royalty Back In Boston

VH1's "You Rock With...."

Close to Texas A & M & want to network?

Stores That Sell Wax Won't Make Tracks

Are You Stifling Creativity?

Cirque Du Soleil Auditions!

Nemo Music Festival

What is a Manager and How Do I Get One?

Nashville Confirmed -- See Joe T. Live on May 8

Relax, It's Just Tax!

WEA Gets F'd

The Power of Visualization

Reinventing the Deal

State 7

When is it time to look for a manager?

Press Kits That GOT Results

Take Our Survey, Win Career Help!

Parallel Universes

Indie Hall of Fame DOA?

Electronica Opportunities Update

Fringe Composers Going Indie

The New Deal for Independent Musicians

Who Can I Turn To?

I need electronica bands!!

Clamor Music Festival

American Idol: Keeping the A&R Myth Alive

Grey Tuesday: The Aftermath

I Can Hear The Rain In The Summertime, Just Underneath the Sound of Record Execs' Heads Pounding Against Office Walls

Dunkin' Donuts Would Like To Buy You Some Gear

Walt Mink: The Movie

Yard Sale

Philly's Indie Labels Exposed

Demos By Mail

Alan Mann Tribute

A Song Shark Bites the Dust

Meet The New Boss

Mperia would like to kick ass with you.

Have We The Devil To Thank?

You Can Check Out Any Time You Like

E-Mail Still Rules, 11% of the time.

Square One

Your Favorite DJs Call YOU For A Change

"And the Indie Queen took over."

When Plugging Songs, Don't Threaten to Plug the Singer

Non-Comm Stations Among Top Streamers

Indie Retail Survives and Thrives

Data Loss

Goodbye, Corporate Pop?!

Lo-Fi Living


Hello Mudda, Hello Fadda...

Tower Crumbling

Warp vs. the 800 Pound (99 pence) Gorilla

Indie 103.1 fm

Nth Octave


The Publicist Paradox

Clear Channel Has It Right

Soul Searching at Sony Nashville

Independently Classical

Music Biz Boot Camp - 4/24 - Nashville!

Music Biz Coaching Gym February Events

The Music Internship Rant

Pitchfork Staff Member Says "Hi" To Real-Life Woman

GarageBand, cont'd

Females on Fire Comp CD

Name Your Band

Gnutella Developer Justin Frankel in Rolling Stone

Sometimes, a Niche Audience is a Small Audience...

My Birthday Present To Myself

Philly: Music In Film Seminar

And I Thought 74 minutes was long...

For Your Next Audition...

No Dopes In Dope

Vital Mailing List Info

Fitehouse v. RIAA = Free Publicity!

I kept putting this post off...

How many indie bands do you know who make $500,000 in two nights?

File Swapping: You Get What You Measure

Match Point for File Sharing


Sanctuary Records

See CBC 3

Bob Mould Blogs!

Cheese and Crackers!

Kindercore Lawsuit Gets Ugly, Expensive

Birthday Shopping

[plug] Levinhurst Spring U.S. Tour

What to do with your MP3's

Real Retail

Favor Bank / Interesting Opportunity

Justification #2,341,389 for hiring CDBaby as our exclusive commerce provider.

CDBaby + TCM = Happy Joe

Live from Memphis


That Really Is An E-mail from Me.

Idea: Build Your Band's Site in Ten Minutes

Video On The Cheap

Indie Music Dating

Fun Onion Contest

Coming soon: Better E-Commerce

I really do answer e-mail.

Idea: Indie Music Club Booking Agency?

Automatic E-Mail Updates

Back to School

Obligatory Sappy New Year Post