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Happy New Year!

Remaindered Links: December 21

CDBaby + Best Buy

Athens House Concert Venue Gets Shut Down by Code Enforcement

Is the iPod hurting music sales?

Interview Do's and Dont's

Arctic Monkeys: Not on MySpace

Meanwhile, in the members area...

Three Degrees of Rap

Guitar Lessons via Podcast

Remaindered Links: December 08

Arctic Monkeys: Not Invented Here?

Independent Musicians Help Brands Get Established

Their "Lousy" Year Could Bring Great Things for You

Even 50 Cent Plays House Concerts

How audiences REALLY use your music.

Running your record label like a bakery...

What we learned about music fans last week.

Baby Steps on Podcast Music Licensing

Taye Diggs Seems Sad

Go Tagging at Amazon

Billy Shakes, Personal Finance Rapper

Remaindered Links: November 29

What If Making Music Was Your Day Job and Reaching Audiences Was Your Hobby?

Walk The Line

My Favorite New Christmas Song

Selling records to your MySpace Friends

Black is Back

Band Practice Without the Funky Aroma

iTMS Outsells Borders and Tower

Music Miracles and the Power of Intention

It feels nice to report on something a major label is doing RIGHT.

All your Mac are belong to SonyBMG

Get a $50,000 music video for $1,000.

Understanding "Local Max"

We promise you that Scott's not on the payroll.

Kate Bush Takes Math Rock Seriously

Productivity for the Practicing Musician

Barsuk Records Prez: "Almost Nobody Is Getting Rich Off Indie Rock"

Nobody cares about your band's ringtone.

Why your fans aren't getting your e-mail.

Who's disrupting the market in your hometown?

Are you in a music supervisor's jukebox?

back from mini-hiatus

Grey's Anatomy music supervisor blogs her decision-making process.

The Arctic Monkeys sell out a 2,000 seat arena -- with only one EP.

If You're Using a Free Web Host for Your Band's Website, Your Fans Won't Find You

Rob Thomas Remembers the Struggle

Return of the Monster Music Marketing Conference Call!

Ben Gibbard Interview

Some good ink for

When you're dropped from this label, you're REALLY dropped.

Hanson Wants You to Stay Independent

UK Government Support for Independent Music on the Way?

Columbia House Closes Its Doors

What price integrity?

Yes, R.E.M. Really Did Reunite Last Weekend

Harvey Danger Explain Their Free Music Download Strategy

Touring = Revenue


Pale Beneath the Blue is on FIRE, y'all*.

The New Tastemakers

Are your street teams doing more harm than good?

INXS Booking Agency (and slick middlemen)

Your Competition IS The Real World

The Shift

Could Your CD Be the Next "Da Vinci Code?"

New Fiona Apple -- Was it a triumph of buzz over content? And does that even matter?

Commissioned Songs

Would you like to be fired next?

Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra Leaps Into Digital Music Distribution

"Street Team 101" Teleseminar Series Starts Tonight!

Open Phones, Wednesday @ 3pm ET

Cubase Tops the Pro Audio Shootout

Lori McKenna Made Oprah Cry

What do YOU want to be when you grow up?

Forget Napster, Forget KaZaA, just Bluetooth those songs like the Europeans Do!

Snow Patrol's Manager Issues a Wakeup Call Re: iTunes Royalties

Understanding Scenario Planning

Making It Easy for Folks to Talk About You

Remaindered Links: September 25

You've Got Three Hours to Live.

Remaindered Links: September 22

What We Learned from Tonight's Apprentice Elimination

Just because I'm a nice guy...

Remaindered Links: September 21

Rock Star: INXS -- Finale

EMI Execs: Just Hanging Out

Warner Music Execs Cash "Obscene" Bonus Checks

Selling MP3s on your site is really easy.

Steve Jobs says labels are greedy.

Korn's new record deal sets a bad example.

Making Their Own Breaks

Remaindered Links: September 17

Remaindered Links: September 16

Only the CD Matters

Enter the gangsta nerds.

Getting to gigs is getting expensive!

Should we build our own day planner?

Ob La Di...

Avoiding Debt, Running a Label, and Making Time for Yourself

Is MySpace GONE?

Arriving in October: Street Team 101

Future of Music Policy Summit

Indie Movies and Indie Music: Perfect Together

This Week's Live Classes: Open Phones & Make Your Website Pay for Itself

No More Excuses: Try Mentoring for $1

Big Changes In the Members Area

Remaindered Links: September 07

Another Open Phones Session Today!

Remaindered Links: September 06

Remaindered Links: September 05

Conference Call: Mentoring and Managing Young Artists

Open Phones on Tuesday!

Remaindered Links: September 02

The Offer Still Stands

Revenge of the Singer/Songwriter: The LIVE Shuffle

MP3's of Every Rock Star: INXS Performance

CBGB's Loses Its Lease

Remaindered Links: September 01

Musician, Your Audience Needs You.


Rock Star: INXS: Elimination Night #8

Sell MP3s on Your Site Cheaply

Remaindered Links: August 31

Helping Katrina's Victims

Remaindered Links: August 30

Wednesday's Classes Rescheduled

Shaking the day job...

What will future record stores look like?

CD Release Party Gets One Philly Band a Jail Sentence

MySpace To Start A Record Label

Sharks circling in Orlando?

Rock Star: INXS: Elimination #7

GarageSpin Interview with GarageBand Exec

Indie Artist of the Week

Duman & Fiero Set To Debut Independent A&R Clinic

October Conference Call Suggestions

Shuffling the deck chairs...

Open Phones Conference Call Tomorrow!

Weekly Newsletter (Aug 23)

The fabric of

Bob Moog Passes Away

This Week's Conference Call Classes

Karaoke Takeover

From the Mailbag: Co-Writing and Works for Hire

Throw More Pots

Athens, GA Music Internship

Heavy Metal Hasn't Gone Anywhere

Confusing Urgent and Important

Marc Cohn Shooting - First Hand

How to Wow an Audience - Every Time

Rock Star: INXS: Elimination #6

Ozzy Osbourne Guitar Player Wanted

Is songwriting a more viable career opportunity in Europe?

Music Business Radio is on the air!

Accessing newspaper sites...

Learn what radio promotion is really good for...

Staying healthy on the road...

back from a sick day...

Audience access pays off.

Six Steps to Powerful Print Ads for Musicians

Another great example...

Weekly Newsletter

Remembering Jerry

Music-Space Wikipedia

Rock Star: INXS - Elimination #5

Seven Band Names That Would Be Impossible to Book

Looking for September's Book Club Candidates

Here's a specific problem -- solve it.

Free online ticketing and event management solution.

Poor Man's Copyright

Learn to sell more CDs at shows and online.

Ask me about careers in music management -- for FREE!

Technical alert for charter members.

Keane uses Apple's Logic Pro, PowerBooks to fill void

Tracking the long tail

Proof of un-serious indie rock

Rock Star: INXS - Elimination #4

That's so interesting...

Is your gossip more important than your album? weekly newsletter

The difference between "gross" and "net." For real, this time.

FREE Open Phones Session on Tuesday at 3pm ET

Grow Your Band's Audience with Weblogs

Rock Star: INXS "may be a clever move"

SoundClick went down and my phone lit up...

Starbucks Music Stats

Rock Star: INXS: Elimination Episode #3

Rock Star: INXS - Ty's Thoughts

Will the catch phrase be, "you're gathering moss?"

How to Boost CD & Merch Sales

Is there no room for fun in indie music?

Why go on tour...

Have you taken our five day online course yet?

The Creepy Side of Indie Music Venture Capital

Sony Agrees to Stop Payola Payments to Radio Stations

What music business success classes would you love to attend?

Next month's book club selection: Getting Things Done

Watch those contracts, part deux

Watch those contracts...

The Yellow Jersey

Getting the most from your music business books...

Your Success Team

Fun with barcodes

Hating your customers RSS feeds are live!

Rock Star: INXS - Neal's Out

The J-Curve

College radio gets fingerprinted.

Book Club: The War of Art

Ask your questions at Open Phones.

Watch how our members area works...

A New Day for Indie Music?

Jumping out of the brainrut...

Indulge your passion, job or not.

Ten Top Traits of Successful Musicians

Rock Star: INXS - Episode Four

What about the poor musicians?

Killing the Press Release


If it scares you, go do it.

This week's live conference calls...

In the members area...

Back Up that MySpace Friends List

Management Red Flags

We're gonna make you a star.

The ticking clock...

Rock Star: INXS: Episode 2

Send Your Message to Bob Moog

Member call registration is back online.

Black Eyed Peas Members Web

Rock Star: INXS - Episode 1

back from vacation...

Suggest future conference call topics!

in review, part 5 of 5

What happens on our new, members-only weblog?

in review, part 4 of 5

Why pay for music industry knowledge?

mea culpa!

in review, part 3 of 5

What happens during a teleclass?

in review, part 2 of 5

changes at

in review, part 1 of 5

Slap-Happy in Philly

Feudin', Cussin', & Mailin'

404's My Fault

Catching Up with Tracy Bonham

What Grokster Means for Independent Musicians

Grokster Loses

Four Critical Internet Music Promotion Principles

Direct a music video. Get a little famous. Win Stuff.

How Musicians, Writers and Filmmakers Make Money Today

Ten ways to jumpstart success

GYBA Glitchy

CDBaby's Derek Sivers gets "Love" from LA Weekly

Working in Unusual Places

Forecast: Flurries

Michael Jackson Verdict

Tupperware Parties for Musicians

The Roll Call

Mask your MySpace URL

Get Rich Quick!

Kicking ass is more fun


Sanctuary Records Up for Sale

Blogs Build Audience Way Faster Than Radio

More Gigs Now!


You only have to be right once!


Virtual Studio Visitor Plugin

Music Critics Have Had Enough of Major Label Listening Parties

What's the difference between gross and net? About $4 million.

When will your band start its own 401K?

Even Better Than the Real Thing

What's blocking your dream?

What's gonna happen when Danielle starts playing some Sisters of Mercy?

Tips for Bands and Artists Seeking Management

Private Lessons as Another Stream of Music Income

Friends Don't Let Friends See Cover Bands


WFUV: Let's Get Digital Panel

Group funding

And you thought house concerts were just for folkies...

Calling the Jazz Police?

On Critics, Criticism and Remarkability

Bye Bye, Miss American Pie

The Best Gig Ever

BMI Podcasting And Licensing Podcasters

How do you learn?

Rock 'n Roll, Inc.

My mind is free of the tyranny of minutia!

Help Molly Graduate

Wanna do business? Then send me something in writing first.

Concert Update + Merch Sales Tips

Hustle. Passion. Resiliency.

Internship No-No's

Angie Aparo in ATL Conference Calls

Chicago Internships: The Saga Continues


Get those gigs on tape.

Other Things You Shouldn't Leave in Hot Cars

Subtle Day Job Support


Music Is Finished In The Audience

Working on Progress

Solve Other People's Problems First

Since U Been Gone...

The Five Second Rule: No Longer Just for Joe's PB&J

We Love The Long Tail

Heebie Jeebies

Put your pinky finger to your lips and say it with me... "One Hundred MEEEEEELLLLLION Dollars!"

SXSW, Day 2

Come to our next gig! It's 2,000 miles away and starts in five minutes!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

SXSW, Day One

Pull yourself back to the present

And now, some discussion for the gearheads among us...

G Whiz

Why NOT Me?

ALERT! Our Open House Phone Call will be held at lunchtime on the WEST Coast tomorrow.

It could be worse...

Extraordinary Marketing

The Cost of Cool

Clear Channel Shakes Up Talent Buys... How Will It Affect You?

Open House Conference Call, Wednesday, March 9th @ 12pm ET

"Do you have the fourteen qualities it takes for success in the music business?"

Crispy Keyboard. Or would that just make it Cajun?

Oh, my goodness.

Podcast: Setting up your band's business.

Record labels want to send their business your way...

Comeback singer owes big bucks...

Capturing Ideas

Filling the buckets...

Five Ways The Music Industry Is Changing In Seattle (and everywhere else...)

Indie 103.1 in Deep...

Make Yourself a Star

How To Write A Press Release

Everyday Things You Can Do

The pursuit of well-managed expectations

CD Releases as Milestones

Slow-Cooked Success

Dance Dance (DRM-Free) Revolution

Join Our R&D Team! (Or, We're Putting the Band Back Together)

Grammy Goes to Direct Patronage!

SlowCooked Succ

NYC Club Business Back to Pre-Smoking Ban Levels

Great Shoes for Women Rockers?

Tonic In Trouble

Radio Killed The Radio Promoter

Rock and Roll Camps for Girls

Above/Below The Web for Musicians

Trick out your Mac mini into a recording studio...

Getting Stuff Done

Joe's Out Of The Office Today (Again)

Holy Flood O' GMail!

He's sitting with people he doesn't even know!

I goofed!

The importance of good lighting...

iPod Nights displacing karaoke and emerging musicians...

Opportunities in iPod America

I'll show YOU, American Idol!

Who are you being when you are GREAT?

What the New Powerbooks Mean for Musicians

Universal wants a cut of VOD

Patronage Pays Again

Using the big words...

More happy fun e-mail tips...

Podcast: Press kits, publicity photos, public radio

Two slots left in February's coaching roster...

Who do you sound like?

Let's work together!

Podcast: Jazz, Creativity, Running Your Business

Music, Flowing Like Water

My Latest Book Lands at Amazon


Quote of the day...

Making yourself work...

SoundExchange is working...

Get Health Insurance, Today.

Today's happy fun e-mail tip.

We Can Work It Out (In Post)

Announcing our Happy New Year Career Development Special!

Submit your songs...

Could You Use a "Stop Doing" List?

The Post-Payola Slippery Slope

Tapping Friends and Family...

Validations for 2005

We now rejoin, already in progress...