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Flutes on the Highway

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MySpace Bands: It's Not Your URL!

Did Faith Hill Just Punk Carrie Underwood on National Television?

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UK: Where Music is a National Religion

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P&D Deals Surging in the UK

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HOWTO: Make your audio play in IE7 with one click.

How to Get Through My Slush Pile

Multiple Levels of Engagement for Musicians

A Chronic Shortage of Music Managers

Compact Discs as Souvenirs

Music Nation: Cringing and Backlash? Still Sending Sneaky Checks

Being Open to Wacky Ideas (The Movie Music of Mark Rubin)

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The Company You Keep (aka "Burnlounge Sucks")

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Saturday Fun: Ben Folds' Cover of "Such Great Heights"

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Rock Star Supernova Finale

Just press play? (How the marketplace is forcing the music business to consider on-demand music.)

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Supernova has to change its band name.

Online Fandom

Idea: 180-Day Music Business Success Plan

Listeners Use Your Music in Context -- How You Can Spread Your Own Music Using iMixes

Ticketmaster and Venues Experiment with Auction Pricing

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CD Prank on Paris Hilton

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Orson Leaves Hollywood, Finds UK Success

How YouTube's Making Indie Music Look Better -- But Not How You'd Expect

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5,000 Records Is All You Need

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Why Billy Bragg's Fight Against Bad Contracts Matters

OK Lego

It's Easy to Sell a Million CDs

Juliana Hatfield Lets Fans Run a Tab

MySpace Teams with Snocap to Help Independent Musicians Sell MP3s

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Music Business Q&A Live Calls for September

Why Are Reality Shows So Good At Creating Hit Music?

In the Age of the Long Tail, What Does a Hit Mean?

What's the Real Value of a Song? Free Downloads and Sponsored MP3s.

The University of Pennsylvania is a Libra, and Does Not Want Kids

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Blogging's light, because... well... look at this.

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Internet Buzz Is Not the Same as Street Buzz

Selling Tickets to Your House Concerts or Special Events

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KZLA Format Change: "We Work for Our Advertisers"

Does my pre-order entitle me to bittorrent a CD? Five Tips for Effective Record Releases

Guitar Tab Archive Shut Down Due to Copyright Issues

Clell Tickle: Indie Marketing Guru

SellaBand: Fans Pay for Your Recording Sessions

The Difference Between a Music Business Manager and a Business Manager

Pressing & Distribution: My Favorite Kind of Record Deal

Tip: Write The Press Release First

Interpol Signs Major Label Deal with Capitol Records

Retail Promotion Strategies for Independent Musicians

Orientation for New Members

Nashville Star 5 Auditions Begin This Month

Musicians Fascinate UK Youngsters

Meet You Halfway

Radio Consolidation Causes Unemployment

MP3 Links Generate Album Sales

Keeping Independent Record Stores Alive

How to get a guitar on an airplane. (Or any other musical instrument, for that matter.)

CD Baby Ripping Off Artists?

Music Business Radio: Street Teams and Growing Audiences

CBGB: Punk's First Theme Park

Mapping Indie Music Around the World

5 Questions With Mary McFaul, artist management, McFaul Live Music

How to Stay Healthy on the Road

Nobody Here Is Hating on Burnlounge. Yet.

How to take your own publicity photos (that will look good in the newspaper).

What would you do if your to-do list was empty?

How to use unconventional musical instruments to make a classic sound, or vice versa.

Hawthorne Heights Sues Victory Records Over Downloads, Ringtones

How to Get the Best from Your Relationship With a Stage Manager

Music Management Contracts Guide

Three Vital Things to Know Before You Can Succeed in the Music Business

Record labels halt shipments to Tower Records

American Idol 6 Will Include a Songwriting Competition

Has your iPod Got C.R.A.P. in it?

Where the photos come from...

Two new "Open Phones" conference calls for you to ask me questions about the music business.

How to get advice on your music industry career for less than ten bucks a month.

Getting through to Talent Buyers: Pest vs. Persistent

Even Lindsay Lohan Needs to Promote Her Record Release

Music Business Mentoring Program -- Major Announcement Tomorrow

Jill Sobule Sings About Net Neutrality

Swimming Upstream: Can Musictoday Help Live Nation Get Back On Track?

Members, Stand By

10,000 Band Names for the Taking

Be the Change You Want to See in the Music Industry

Do radio stations use peer-to-peer technology?

A person's personality is their art.

Avoiding Music Business Scams (Or, it's Partly Cloudy with a 90% Chance of Cra-Zeee!)

Is BurnLounge a Ripoff?

Audio flyers?

Spreading the word vs. inspiring action

5 Questions With Tom Dorsey, Nice Promotion

What if your fans don't want you to get too successful?

Rock Star: Supernova -- Bye, Matt!

Wired Declares the End of the Blockbuster Album

Is Your Band Getting The Snub?

Rock Star: Supernova -- Night #1

Big Tree Goes Down at 7th and Clement

How to Change Your MySpace URL

Harry Fox Agency to administer download royalties for IODA.

Billy Bragg Sets MySpace Straight

Piracy vs. Obscurity

Tell us what your music sounds like.

Big Moves!

More good inbox etiquette

Online Music Promotion TeleClass tomorrow!

How RIAA Litigation Works

Stay safe on the Web!

RIAA to YouTube: You're Next.

Using zone strategy with your mailing list

What if lack of net neutrality dictated your playlist?

Lefsetz on Downloads: WTF?

Music Business Radio - Street Teams

Music Business Contracts TeleClass tomorrow!

Hem: Liberty Mutual's Accomplishing What DreamWorks Couldn't

New Tastemakers

Sales Drive Radio Airplay, Not Vice Versa

How much destruction can a rock star write off on his or her taxes?


Music Retail Promotion TeleClass tomorrow!

Is YouTube Generating Music Stars?

Learn without your world imploding.

Taylor Hicks' Uphill Battle

Online Music Promotion TeleClass in Three Weeks

Let me tell you about the ORIGINAL Soul Patrol.

Music Business Contracts TeleClass in Three Weeks

What does your mailing list mean if it's not local?


CD Baby Launches 1-Stop In Store Distribution for Independent Artists

Ready for the road?

As if we needed an excuse not to fly Delta

Music Retail Promotion TeleClass in Three Weeks

Music Industry Jobs TeleClass tomorrow!

Preparing your Flash website for IE7

More on Flash players and visitors without Flash

Free Flash music players

How to Start a Record Label TeleClass tomorrow!

Tip for better MySpace searching

Music Promotion Companies TeleClass tomorrow!

Open Phones Teleclass tomorrow!

Music Industry Jobs TeleClass in Three Weeks

Music Sponshorships Teleclass tomorrow!

Be your audience's road manager?

How to Start a Record Label TeleClass in Three Weeks

Multiple Streams of Music Income 2006 Tomorrow!

Open Phones in Two Weeks!

Music Promotion Companies TeleClass in Three Weeks

Music Sponsorships Teleclass in Two Weeks!

Multiple Streams of Music Income 2006 In One Week!

Fool me once...

DIY recording tips and other cool stuff

5 Questions With Lynn Resnick, Expanding Brooklyn

Sometimes you win

Embrace Obscurity

Roll-your-own recording studio

How to be miserable as an artist

When did the Beatles become THE Beatles?

Remaindered Links: March 29

Things could be worse...

Roll your own press list

Remaindered Links: March 27

Remaindered Links: March 25

Remaindered Links: March 24

Managing risk is key

Remaindered Links: March 23

Music, taxes and the "$400 Myth"

Spoon frontman waxes about work ethic

Remaindered Links: March 22

Nashville Star no star-maker

Remaindered Links: March 21

It still takes money...

5 Questions with Evan Brubaker of Cake Records

Remaindered Links: March 18

Remaindered Links: March 17

"Relentless repeatability"

Remaindered Links: March 16

REAPER: almost-free recording software

CD Baby updates

New "Interviews" category!

On being "real"

5 Questions with Michael Tarlowe of Virt Records

American Idol no guarantee of marketplace success

Remaindered Links: March 10

The power of audacity and other networking tips

What is Square One?

Remaindered Links: March 07

Audacity: free recording software

Global gigging via the Internet

5 Questions with Ronan Chris Murphy, producer/engineer

Kid Rock a Whole New Ball Game

...or, make your own t-shirts

Public Radio Not Dictated by the Public

T-shirts first, then everything else

iTunes finds success in online market

Craigslist as an unhelpful (?) tool for music promotion

Working The Tip Jar

Hummer? Humbug.

Music-sharing servers not serving much

MySpace and the 80/20 Rule

Remaindered Links: February 24

Paying tribute

What's your four minute mile?

GreenLeague: The Week's Best

More Collaboration: Songwriter Improv Night

A Ninety Day Dash

How people really use the Web

Collaboration is Crucial for Musicians

Indie band survival guide

You vs. Simon Cowell

Getting Airplay

Breaking news: we ARE sheep

A digital divide

Remaindered Links: February 19

Remaindered Links: February 18

Musicians MUST Overcome Cocooning

Working With An Agent

Celebrating Independent Music

Remaindered Links: February 16

Amazon and Google in talks to break iTunes’ grip on music downloads

American Idol and Signs Of The Apocalypse

More on the online music debate

Getting fans involved online

For $13,000, a shotgun-guitar can be yours

Getting press attention

A genre of hatecore music? (Unfortunately, not a typo.)

New rock memoir hits shelves this week

Independent labels just a bit more Independent than before

WikiRecording Launches

Remaindered Links: February 08

Your photo on the cover? Maybe not.

Oh baby! CD Baby at a store near you…

HINT: health insurance aid for artists

Indie retailer announces March 31 closing

5 Questions with Howlin' Hobbit, busker

Remaindered Links: February 05

Derek Sivers on music marketing

Pandora: not just another jukebox

If She Wants 2 B Gone…

Your CD on Amazon? Yes!

Cashing in

Tip: Keeping track of merch sales at shows

MySpace? Or Your Space?

Remaindered Links: January 31

Looking for college internships?

Anybody use Westone in-ear monitors?

Help musicians help themselves

14 Songs In 28 Days?

Indie label growing pains

Class Action Lawsuit Against Indie Label Owner

Remaindered Links: January 27

Napsterize Your Knowledge!

Can’t beat piracy? Work with it, instead!

Maybe if he had talked up the pizza beforehand?

Remaindered Links: January 26

Praise Canada!

Raise the roof, not the volume

How NOT To Use A Mailing List

Playing for good isn't all bad

Starbucks Eyeing MP3 Downloads

Playing the subway: a hot new ticket

Street Musicians Sponsored by Sony

How To Break An Act

Lou Pearlman Has Visited Glamour Shots

Happy Birthday to Joe!

There's More Than One Kind Of Gig

Meet Your Very Special Correspondents!

Remaindered Links: January 21

Remaindered Links: January 20

Remaindered Links: January 18

There and Back

The Orchard's Rebirth Catches the New York Times' Attention

There's a new sheriff in town...

The Coffeehouse Talent Buyer State of Mind