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There was that one time I took the summer off and the record industry exploded...

Extracurricular: Top Ten Careers

LazyWeb: Gig To-Do Macros + Gig Matcher

"I could have been a singer!"

Universal Music Buys Sanctuary Records, Signaling Move into Artist Management?

Burnlounge Really Is a Pyramid Scheme, Says FTC in Lawsuit

Send Music Business Radio a Jingle!

Getty Images Buys Pump Audio

Back from travel + illness... posting resumes today.

I Like All Types of Music

How to Get the Right Manager

Nashville: Fox's Other Music Business Television Series

Farewell Little Brother's -- Another Live Music Venue Closing

Fabulous but Unsigned

America's Hot Musician Suing to Stop Idol Spinoff. Maybe.

Search for the Next Great American Band: Most Bizarre Elimination Challenge?

NYT Profiles Jonathan Coulton and other Musicians Earning "Reasonable Living"

The Search for the Next Great American Band

How Local Record Stores Can Stay in Business

Michael Penn to Tour Second Life?

Remix Our Masthead

Songwriting Contest Secrets: Who's Really Judging? (Part 2)

Songwriting Contest Secrets: Who's Really Judging? (part 1)

ASCAP/BMI Royalty Monitor for YouTube Videos?

Songwriting Contest Secrets: Check Out Your Sponsors

Time for Your Rampant Self Promotion

American Idol Songwriter Finalists Are Announced!

Songwriting Contest Secrets: Entry Fee as Red Flag?

Songwriting Contest Secrets: Myths and Realities

Get Ready to Vote for American Idol Songwriter

More American Idol Songwriting Contest Discussion

Nine Inch Nails: Year Zero - Best Fan Marketing Ever

Live Burnlounge Podcast This Sunday

American Idol Songwriting Contest Winners Being Notified This Weekend

American Idol Songwriting Contest Discussion Continues...

American Idol Songwriting Contest Raises Great Questions

More Music Marketing Courses at Colleges

Legal Song Lyrics Coming to the Web

213 Area Code Calls from American Idol's Songwriting Competition Judges?

Tell us about your American Idol Songwriter contest entries...

A quick note about comments at

Does your band offer health insurance?

Have you entered a song into the American Idol Songwriter Contest?

Rob Thomas: My Secret Record

David Byrne's Tracking Webcasting Fees

Lou Pearlman at Large

More questions answered about the American Idol Songwriting Contest

What We Have Learned About the American Idol Songwriter Contest

Music Business Networking on the Decline

Make Make a Pancake

The Nog in Boston -- No TV During Bands

WaPo's Joshua Bell Busking Experiment

Where can you still make money in the music business?

Musicians Use Macs and Get Paid

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American Idol Songwriter Contest Rules Reviewed

"Stay the Hell Away from Labels," says Dick Dale

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Good News from Bob Baker

American Idol Songwriting Contest Finally Opens!

5 Things to Do Everyday to Be Successful

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You Just Can't Beat These Kids

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American Idol Songwriting Contest On Hold

Bum Rush the Charts Day

Getting Over the MySpace Hump

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Live Recording Patent Busted

Is Simon Cowell More Important to American Music than Bruce Springsteen?

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Rules of Engagement for Radio and Independent Labels

Your Music -- At a Church Near You

The Orchard Teams with

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Quit Yer iTunes Bellyaching

Where does college radio fit in to the streaming radio shutdown?

Where the Internet Radio Ruling Comes From

Streaming Radio Shutting Down in the U.S.

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Is the FCC's Radio Payola Settlement Really a Watershed Moment for Independent Music?

Another Case Study: Why MySpace Should Be Your SECOND Online Home

Have Six Seasons of American Idol Reshaped Independent Music?

American Idol Summer Camp

Selling Older Music to Older People

Bold as Love: Exploring Black Rock in America

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Thanks for all your thoughts on BurnLounge.

American Idol Songwriting Contest Update

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