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Luck Means Nothing in the Music Business

Music Management Skills: Get Others Involved

Announcing my fifth music business book: "Audience Supported."

All new editions of music business books in 2011.

Giving yourself the space to shine.

Scoring Big on the Secondary Concert Ticket Market

Putting the Wolf at the Door: Setting Hard Goals for Your Music Business Career

Why You Should Own Your Band's Website

Four Rules for Artistic Success

Make Space to Leave MySpace

Music Management Skills: Act as if you've already got the power to make your artist a star.

Who will your music influence?

Music Management Skills: Network in person, not just online.

How Much Do Musicians Really Make from Record Deals?

Mailbag: Royalties vs. Publishing

Music Management Skills: Help Clients Understand Your Career Development

Music Management Skills: Volunteering to Gain Insight

A Coffeehouse Changes Hands

Music Management Skills: Attend Conferences with a Bias for Learning, Not Promotion

Music Management Skills: Manage Your Media Diet

"Help, I Need to Buy $1,200 Jonas Brothers Tickets"

Did the Live Concert Business Push Jane Wiedlin Off That Hill?

Keep Your Eye on the Goose

Climbing Aboard a Sinking Ship

Music Management Skills: Connect with Your Passion

Kindie Rock

Monday Morning Link Love

NACA Schools Block-Booking Live Music

Forbes: Jill Sobule Raised More Than Public Enemy

$1,875 for Front Row Seats, But You Get to Keep the Chair

The World Can't Go On Without CBGB's Bathroom

Who's Responsible for What Happens at the Club?

If You Dream of Doing the Work, Do the Work

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Music Management Skills: Build Your Professional Development Library

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Music Management Skills: Organize Your World

Music Management Skills: Learn to Stop Over-Analyzing

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Music Management Skills: Commit to Your Client

Music Management Skills: Stop Searching for Perfection

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Music Management Skills: Prioritize Your Day

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Music Management Skills: Stop Procrastinating

Music Management Skills: Getting Comfortable with Risk

Top Ten MTV Specialty Shows

Announcing the Music Management Boot Camp

Don't Underestimate the Power of an Audience

2010 Grammy Awards Recap

Ingrid Michaelson Focuses on Live Gigs, Song Placement

Believing Your Own Story

Mailbag: Music Management Degrees in New York City

Predicting the "Death of Twitter."

Social Media Tools that Grow Your Audience